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With a low /no cost for any curriculum based Teaching materials for the partnering Educational Institutes, the contents of VEDA is affordable to parents thus allowing a child to get the help he or she needs and deserves from the comfort and security of its home. In this competitive world where every extra boost to a child's performance is likely to impact the admission to the college of choice, VEDA is an investment in a child's future.

For high school students VEDA offers holistic education for grades VI to XII covering the specific syllabus for the following partial list of boards:

  • CBSE
  • ICSE
  • ISC
  • IB
  • All the State and boards

These courses have been created by experts in the field of study using standard reference text books and conform to the syllabus prescribed by the Boards. Either individual courses or a package of three courses may be selected. Our offerings are available in English initially and select Indian languages after some time.

Grade VI - X

VEDA for grade VI to grade X provides the best teaching / learning augmentation in Mathematics, Science & Technology and Social Science for Educational Institutes and the Students. Grade VI is the foundation year of a student's future education and career. Students in grade X are often called upon to make career decisions for their future. Students in grade X require a concentrated combination of in-school and at-home learning to excel in their studies and succeed in getting into the field of their choice.

Grade XI & XII

VEDA for Grade XI & XII provides quality teaching / learning material in all subjects associated with the various streams in CBSE / ISC / IB /A Level and other state boards for the Educational Institutes & the Students. VEDA offers, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology for Science stream. Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Business Mathematics. with Computer Science for commerce. Schools / Students can also create their own combinations as desired from the list of courses offered to meet the requirements of their examination boards.


VEDA offers a blend of the traditional well-structured, learner-centric lectures combined with an interactive multi-media driven delivery of lessons through an online e-Learning portal. This permits learning in any environment thereby allowing the student to reap the benefits of a best-in-class solution in after school learning, comprising of online lectures, assignments, assessments and virtual lab simulation of experiments.

Preparatory Studies module offers students learning support for preparing for competitive examinations in various fields. Students seeking to pursue careers in engineering should find learning support for popular entrance examinations such as IITJEE (IIT Joint Entrance Examination), AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) and various other examinations conducted by local and national authorities. Students seeking to pursue careers in medicine should find learning support for medical entrance examinations such as NEET and others.

The trial tests are based on well researched set of most probable questions that should help the student attain the requisite intellectual sharpness and frame of mind thus providing total and unparalleled preparation for the actual event.


Institution Based Learning

VEDA extends the winning formula beyond High School Studies and Preparatory Studies to Institution based Professional Studies. The Professional Studies module will offer students learning support for engineering disciplines such as Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electrical & Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Currently VEDA offers educational support for the first year Engineering programs for all disciplines. Courses in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer and others are some of the highlights of this specialized offering.

Self Directed Learning

Professional Studies in Accountancy often call for an apprenticeship type of study where in a student works with a practicing Chartered Accountant to learn the trade. This career track commences after the student passes a Common Proficiency Test also known as foundation course for CA utilizing the Preparatory Studies module post high school. The CA CPT course offerings include Accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. Our practice online tests complete the objective testing preparation for an aspirant desirous of taking the exams offered. Academic support will be available till the student clears the Examination.

Students aiming to pursue careers as Cost and Works Accountant (ICWA) will find study material in our ICWA course offerings. All coursework associated with both intermediate and final for the programs will be available shortly. Course work associated with Association of chartered certified accountant Foundation Level (ACCA FL) will also be available shortly.


Under the aegis of the General Studies VEDA offers career defining educational opportunities for students opting to go into the basic science degree programs on their way. VEDA offers course coverage for Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Food Science, Mathematics, Microbiology, and Physics. Course coverage for other programs will be available shortly.

Students seeking careers in the business arena such as Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain Management including, Logistics and Transportation, or Manufacturing and Production may opt to pursue degree programs in Business / Commerce. VEDA provides an excellent platform to improve academic performance in business / commerce related coursework in BBA and MBA programs.




VEDA is one of the pioneers in developing eLearning courses for Mariners across the world. A team of global experts laid the foundation of the course structure and developed content, to support the growing needs of skilled mariners with relevant certificates of competencies, across the globe. The contents are designed to provide sea-faring and on-shore personnel alike with convenient access to an extensive portfolio of topics and specialities. The courses run on a platform based on a proven learning model, which employs an engaging kick-off session, followed by e-book, self-assessment quizzes, assessments and mock tests, under the supervision of a team of dedicated faculty.

Learning without Boundaries became the buzz word and the course content created by VEDA and its learning models are now the benchmark for mariners to progress in their career.

Since 2006, thousands of Mariners, based in the major maritime hubs in UK/Europe, USA, and Southeast Asia benefited from the eLearning programs developed by VEDA and the number is growing!